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What is Jerez-Art?

Jerez-Art is a company created by Javier Jerez-López, dedicated to promote art in many ways. Art comes in many types, shapes and forms.  The artistic and intrinsic value of your art comes from the dedication and energy you put into your work. Here you will find information about Books: tips on how to write, strategies, ideas and information on books published by Jerez Publishing and Arts. Photography: the different types of photography, fresh ideas, tips and tricks, composition, information on photography equipment, published pictures and picture samples of Jerezphotography. Aikido: Information on, what is Aikido? Relevance and importance of martial arts and self-defense in our world, samples of techniques, videos and information on Aikido Shiyuukan Dojo, Sosei Aikido Kyokai and Hombu Dojo. Cryptocurrency: Here you will find strategies, market information, tips on ICOs, trading and professional coaching about anything related to Cryptocurrency. Remember, “The world should be your canvas, somedays you will paint it with love, somedays with courage, but somedays you will have to paint with blood, sweat and tears, the important thing is to keep painting no matter what”. Come and join us.   

"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls"


Pablo Picasso

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